5 Benefits of IT as a Service (ITaaS) for Businesses

As technology becomes increasingly vital to businesses both large and small, the way in which technology is delivered and serviced is evolving. Today, one of the most popular models is IT as a Service, or ITaaS for short. This represents a holistic, comprehensive alternative to the a la carte IT offerings of the past. It’s an important new stage in the role of technology in business.

And, no matter the nature of size of your business, the ITaaS model can offer a number of benefits. Let’s look more closely at what this model encompasses, and also list the potential business IT solutions it can offer.

The Concept of ITaaS

First, what do we mean when we talk about ITaaS?

Basically, your company can allow all its internal clients (different employees, teams, and departments) the technology offerings they need to remain efficient and productive; these internal clients can choose the business IT solutions that make the most sense for them. ITaaS can either augment or replace an existing IT department, and can handle everything from installing new technology to maintaining or troubleshooting it, as needed.

It’s a model that has a number of perks for any workplace environment.

5 Benefits: What ITaaS Offers

24/7 Availability on Service Desk Operation

 One of the primary concerns people have with any new technology service is that it will cause hassles and headaches—but with the IT as a Service model, you’re not just buying products. You’re enlisting a full team that can help you around the clock—meaning tech support is always just a quick call away.

Subscription-Based Cost

 Another benefit of this model is that it is fairly cost-effective. It’s generally offered on a managed care model, with subscription-based pricing. You pay a monthly rate and that enables you to get as much service and support as you need to keep your teams up and running.

Continuous and Proactive Monitoring

 We all know that, with technologies, things can go wrong. When you invest in ITaaS, however, you always have IT pros who are monitoring your systems for any signs of trouble—and stepping in before things go south. This minimizes your headaches, and it also reduces any tech-related downtime your employees have.

Reduced Exposure to Cybersecurity Incidents

 When you have IT as a Service, you have technologists who know how to safeguard your entire system from potential cybersecurity risks. This helps you keep important documents safe, and it also gives you peace of mind.

Flexible Information Dissemination Model

 IT as a Service provides a number of different options for training employees on new systems, or updating them on the latest cybersecurity protocols. In fact, your technologists can adapt their communication style to meet the needs of your employees.

ITaaS Solutions from Salient Networks

The bottom line is that every business can benefit from the agility that ITaaS offers. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of information technology, as delivered in this unique new model.

We are a nationwide provider of ITaaS solutions, and a trusted vendor for countless companies spanning many different industries. We would love to talk with you more about how ITaaS can benefit your business. Reach out to Salient Networks today to ask about our expanded services in ITaaS.