5 Reasons to Hire Secure Network Infrastructure Services for Your Senior Community

Technology plays an increasingly prominent role in the way senior living communities are managed and maintained. Indeed, relatively recent innovations have revolutionized the ways in which senior living centers provide comfort and care to their residents. For these technologies to work, however, there’s a need for personnel who can ensure everything is run as smoothly as can be. In particular, many senior living communities now hire secure network service providers.

But what are secure network infrastructure services, and what role do they play in the context of senior living? Allow us to explain.

What Are Secure Network Infrastructure Services?

When we talk about network infrastructure, we’re basically talking about the system of hardware and software applications that are interconnected, providing the connectivity, communication, automation, and management functions necessary to keep an IT environment up and running.

In the case of a senior living community, this might mean the network of computers, phones, and other devices that allow patients to communicate with the nursing staff; it may also encompass wander management technology and beyond.

Needless to say, the technology used in a senior living center can be highly important, in some cases making the difference between life and death. As such, it’s critical to have professional monitoring and management in place, ensuring the entire network functions as intended at all times. That’s the basic role of a network infrastructure and security professional.

Why Network Infrastructure and Security Matters in Senior Communities

There are some specific advantages to enlisting the services of a network infrastructure service in your senior community. Here are just five of them:

  1. Ensure maximum up-time for the network. What happens if your IT network goes down? In any office environment, network downtime leads to inefficiency and lost productivity. In a senior living context, the implications can be more dire still. Indeed, it may mean that the systems you rely on to keep patients safe and secure are temporarily shut off, which can have disastrous effects. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional who can keep everything up as much as possible and address down times expediently.
  2. Stave off cyber-attacks. Small and medium-sized businesses are the primary targets of cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, senior living communities are not exempt from this. Hiring a team of tech experts is a good way to ensure the right security protocol is being followed, and that your senior community isn’t a target for hackers or digital criminals.
  3. Provide staff training. Technology is great, but what if nobody on your team knows how to use it effectively? A secure network service can provide the training necessary for your staff members to become proficient.
  4. Adapt to new technology. As technology evolves, many organizations struggle to know when it’s worth it to upgrade and when they’re okay with what they have. A trusted technologist can provide you the advice you need to make informed choices, and they can handle any new technology implementations for you.
  5. Address your needs. Finally, note that when you hire a technology consultancy company, you can have your needs mapped out and the right infrastructure recommended. This can be a great way of ensuring you get technology that truly makes a difference.

Ready to Hire a Network Infrastructure Service?

If you have any additional questions, or if you’re ready to enlist a secure network service for your senior living community, we invite you to reach out. Salient Networks has ample experience providing reliable technology solutions in the senior living space; contact us any time you’d like to talk.