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The Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

For decades, most companies have maintained robust and complicated phone systems in-house—but now, more and more of them are moving to the cloud. Switching to a cloud-hosted phone system offers a number of key benefits. In this post, we’ll explore just a few of the most major ones.

Who Chooses a Hosted Phone System?

Some of the main reasons to opt for a hosted phone system include:

  1. Increased cost effectiveness. There are simply fewer expenses involved with a cloud-based system, as there is very little infrastructure that must be installed on the front end and minimal maintenance that’s needed later on.
  2. Improved ability to scale. As your business grows, your communication system can grow with it. A hosted phone system makes it incredibly easy to add new lines and connections, or even to integrate mobile devices into the system.
  3. Offsite maintenance. Another thing to love about hosted phone systems? All of the maintenance and repair work is done offsite, by an outsourced team of cloud professionals—so you don’t have to devote resources or time to in-house phone repairs.
  4. Increased reliability. While no phone system is truly faultless, cloud-based technology leads to a much clearer and more reliable connection—one that you can really count on for all your communication needs.
  5. Disaster recovery. Since your infrastructure is hosted on the cloud, you don’t have to scramble to reassemble your communication system when there is a bad storm or a power surge. That’s incredible peace of mind for business owners!

Your move to a cloud-based phone system will streamline your entire communication structure—and it can all be done with ease. To learn more about making that transition, we invite you to call our team at Salient Networks today.