The Benefits of Installing an Emergency Call System

In any senior living community, health and safety are the clear priorities. Family members want to know that their loved ones are being properly cared for, while staff members and medical providers are zealous to do anything they can to ensure the wellbeing of their residents.

These days, technology can be a big asset. There are a number of new solutions that make it easier for eldercare communities to champion safety, and we’re happy to provide such solutions right here at Salient Networks. We’re especially excited to offer our eldercare clients with an emergency call system.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, well, it’s more or less exactly what the name suggests: A wireless emergency call system allows residents to immediately communicate with staff members/caregivers in the event of a fall or other emergency. Many of today’s senior emergency call systems allow for voice activation, meaning seniors can access caregivers even if they cannot physically reach for a phone.

We highly recommend that every eldercare community have a wireless emergency call system in place. In this post, we’ll explain why, elucidating some of the primary benefits that a call system can provide.

Benefits of a Home Emergency Call System

  1. It allows seniors with a way to get help when they need it. We’ll start with the point that’s most obvious, but also most important: A senior emergency call system helps keep eldercare residents safe, plain and simple. Slip-and-falls and similar emergencies are all too common among those who are a bit older, but an emergency call system means they can always get prompt attention as these issues unfold.
  2. Call systems empower the staff, too. Having a call system in place also provides the medical staff with improved efficiency. Staff members experience some comfort in knowing that residents can reach them whenever they are needed, and thus may not have to spend quite as much time rounding. Instead, they can immediately pay attention to those residents who urgently need them.
  3. It provides peace of mind for family members. As kids and grandchildren visit your eldercare community, they always have their eyes open to the health and safety standards that are in place. They’ll feel much more confident and comfortable when they see that their older loved one has a quick way of seeking emergency assistance.
  4. Most home emergency call systems have additional features. The average emergency alert system will come with a number of other perks, ranging from carbon monoxide detectors to wake-up-call options. In short, it’s a multi-functional way to improve communication and enhance safety for each resident.
  5. Wireless emergency alerts promote independence. Most eldercare residents like to remain as autonomous as possible for as long as possible, and a good emergency communications system makes this possible— it allows them to receive help from the clinical staff only when they need
  6. Finally, emergency call systems tend to be very reliable. This technology has been around for a while now and has really come a long way. Today, most of the systems available have lifetime warranties, battery back-ups, and more. Plus, when you work with a tech provider like Salient Networks, you can always rest assured that your call system is functioning as intended.

As you can tell, there are plenty of reasons to consider an emergency call system for your senior living center. To learn more, we invite you to contact Salient Networks directly. Salient Networks is the preferred Wanderguard reseller for many senior living communities in California and throughout the country. Contact us for a consultation.