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The Benefits of Unified Communication Solutions

Salient Networks has been working with IT Leaders of Fortune 1000 companies since 1987 to provide unified communication solutions. One of the chief concerns we hear from other IT leaders is their struggle to maintain or upgrade outdated phone systems. We’ve been able to help our clients address this issue and we’d like the opportunity to share with you how.

Unified Communication Solutions Improve System Uptime

There are a number of common concerns that business owners have with their hosted phone services. A single hour of phone system downtime could mean tens of thousands of dollars in losses.

One executive we worked with was looking to significantly minimize the risk of downtime in order to ensure revenue generation for the company. Salient Networks provided him with this protection. As a result, he is able to show his Board of Directors a contractual 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.

Unified Communication Services are Cost-Effective

Executives are always competing for other finite capital funding within their organization.

A Director reached out to us looking for a way to justify the expenditure of a new phone system with an ROI analysis. Salient Networks had the products and the data he needed. As a result, he was able to show the payback timeline and future benefit of investing in the latest technology.

A concern we hear from IT executives is their struggle to control capital expenditure costs associated with upgrading and expanding phone systems. One Executive told us that, for several years in a row, he had failed to gain budget approval for a much-needed major phone system upgrade, resulting in a discontinuation of manufacturer support and an extended service outage.

The Executive wanted a predictable and stable telecommunications cost structure and always up-to-date software and support to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. Salient Networks provided him with this capability. As a result, he was able to better control capital expenditure costs while at the same time reducing the organization’s liability risk.

Unified Communication Solutions are Scalable

Still another major struggle we hear from other IT leaders is their inability to control unnecessary increases in operational costs associated with scaling or collapsing phone system locations and users.

One IT Director told us his CFO would not fund a project to collapse a new site acquisition into the corporate phone system, leading to significantly more effort and cost from the IT organization to integrate disparate systems.

He wanted was a flexible and scalable system that could cost-effectively expand and contract as they acquired and/or decommissioned sites. Salient Networks provided this scalability through our unified communication services.

Hosted / On Premise Phone Services in California

The bottom line for business owners is that unified communication solutions can offer cost savings, uptime assurances, and efficient ways for your team members to connect and engage—both internally and externally.

Salient Networks is a proud provider of unified communication services, in addition to our offerings of wander management solutions. We tailor all our solutions to the client’s needs and goals and are ready to talk to you about the best unified communication service for your enterprise. Contact us today and we’ll walk you through.

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