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The Benefits of Wander Management Technology

Independent living communities and nursing homes exist for many reasons, but the primary function is this: to provide a safe environment for residents. One of the obstacles that these communities must deal with is wandering, a common behavior among those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. These individuals can lose track of where they are and literally wander off somewhere, potentially becoming lost, disoriented, or injured.

That’s why assisted living communities are increasingly open to wander management technology, which allows them to provide an extra level of safety and security for these individuals. There are a number of benefits to wander management systems; here are just a few that are worth considering.

Reasons to Invest in Wander Management Technology

  • The primary benefit is the one we’ve already noted: safety for residents. Anyone who moves beyond certain checkpoints will set off alerts for the nursing staff, who can come assist the individual in getting back to where they need to be. The result is a safer, more secure, and more enjoyable space for everyone.
  • Another benefit of wander management technology is security for nurses and for visiting family members. Simply put, wander management technology helps everyone feel more secure, more at ease.
  • A wander management system can increase satisfaction among residents and their family members—which can in turn increase the odds of them referring your community to others.
  • One more benefit of note: Wander management technology improves the response time of the nursing staff, helping them to address potential issues right away—before accidents or injuries happen. In other words, it helps them do their jobs more effectively.

There are plenty of good reasons for assisted living centers and nursing homes to look into wander management technology. To learn more about some of the specific systems that are available, contact Salient Networks directly.

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