Why Choose Wander Management Solutions?

The primary goal of any senior living community is to keep residents safe, healthy, and secure. This is a noble calling and a big job, and it requires careful attention be paid to several prominent issues that can affect seniors. One of those issues is the behavior known as wandering.

Wandering is tragically common among those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It can lead to impaired safety, and in some cases even fatality. The good news is that there are meaningful solutions to mitigate the risks of wandering, including some technological solutions. But what do these wander management solutions entail, exactly?

What is Wandering?

Before we get into wander alert systems, it’s important to define what wandering is. Basically, it refers to a condition in which those with dementia become disoriented or confused. They lose comprehension of where they are, and may set off trying to find their way “home,” even if they are already at home.

In this disoriented state, seniors can be scared or agitated, and they may very quickly become lost. Without the proper wireless wander door alarm in place, they may try to leave the premises, or they may enter into areas where there are real physical dangers.

There have been reported cases of seniors wandering away, becoming lost, and ultimately dying of exposure to the elements. That’s heartbreaking to even consider, and it underscores the importance of having a wireless wander door alarm system in place.

How Do Wander Alert Systems Work?

Wander alert systems are designed to provide a gentle and discreet way of keeping all your senior living residents in the fold, and ensuring that nobody ventures off anywhere they are not supposed to be.

There are different options available, and they work in diverse ways. At Salient Networks, we recommend the Wanderguard system for a home or senior living scenarios.

The basic premise, though, is that there are subtle detection and alarm systems on doors and windows throughout your community, which automatically ping clinical staff if there are any instances of seniors trying to go somewhere they’re not supposed to be. These systems allow seniors to retain some privacy and dignity, while still ensuring they don’t find themselves lost or in an unsafe place.

What are the Benefits of a Wander Management System?

You can probably deduce some of the key benefits of this technology, but here are the main ones:

  • A Wanderguard system for a home or a senior living community keeps residents safe, and significantly minimizes the danger of wandering. That’s the most important thing by far!
  • It also makes life easier on the staff. Rather than having to constantly be on alert for instances of wandering, they can rest assured that they’ll hear the alarm any time there’s a potential issue.
  • Wander management systems provide peace of mind for families, too, assuring them that their older family member is being well taken care of.
  • Today’s wander management systems are made to be discreet, allowing residents to maintain privacy and autonomy.

Ultimately, there’s no senior living community in which wandering isn’t a potential issue—and the consequences can be dire. Thankfully, technology provides some effective ways to address that problem.

You can always reach out to Salient Networks to learn more. Senior living is one of the primary industries we serve, and we are always ready to help those curious about choosing wander management technology. Contact us with questions about this or about medical alert systems, safety alert systems, and beyond.