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Choosing a Hosted Phone Services Provider

A hosted phone services provider will take all your in-house phone needs off-site, hosting everything on the cloud and providing maintenance and repairs on the back end. The benefits of this can be significant, but they all hinge on you finding a truly good, reputable hosted phone provider—a company whose services you feel confident in.

As such, it’s important to do the legwork in locating the best hosted phone services provider for your business. The question is how.

One thing we’d emphasize is the need for mobile support. You’re going to want your hosted phone service to offer easy interfacing with mobile devices—something that not every hosted phone service provider is going to deliver.

We’d also recommend seeking clarity on the full scope of services. What does your potential hosted phone provider offer in terms of service, support, maintenance, and general consultation? How easy is it going to be to speak with someone whenever you have an issue that needs prompt resolution? These are important considerations to make.

Scalability is another key concern. You may need your phone system to grow and evolve as your business does. Ask your service provider about how easy (and how affordable) it will be to expand your service at a later date.

Note that hosted phone services should always be tailored to meet the client’s specific needs; there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution here, so be sure to pick a provider who offers you a specific, custom action plan.

One final note: Service is important. You want a hosted phone service provider who will be both friendly and attentive to your needs. Here, gut feeling counts for something. If you don’t like the way a provider interacts with you, that’s reason enough to keep searching.

We’d love to chat with you about all the things that make Salient Networks unique, and to share with you our ideas for addressing your hosted phone needs. Contact us today to learn more.