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Choosing Laptops for Your Workplace

One of the most important activities of the IT team is selecting the computers that will be used throughout the company. This impacts the way people work day in and day out, and as such it has a direct impact on productivity, morale, and revenues—to say nothing of its impact on the information technology ecosystem more broadly. It goes without saying, then, that computers should be selected with care.

So what factors should your IT team weigh when selecting new laptops? Here are just a few considerations.

How to Choose the Best Laptops for Your Workplace

Screen size. A larger screen size means the laptop will be heavier and less portable; then again, for design professionals, having a bigger screen can really be important.

Resolution. Usually, a 1440 x 900 resolution is fine—while 1600 x 900 is like “HD plus,” and anything higher than that is full HD. We recommend one of these higher resolutions—again—mostly just for design professionals.

Processor. The processor you choose will determine the speed of the computer—how well it manages multiple programs at once, how quickly it completes complicated tasks, and how swiftly applications can be launched. A higher processing speed is always going to be better, though you’ll run into higher prices, too.

Optical drive. Most laptops today don’t come with optical drives—and unless your employees regularly need to use CDs or DVDs, there’s no need for one.

Connectivity. Dual band Wi-Fi is strongly recommended, and wireless AC is ideal. USB ports are generally handy as well.

Battery life. When it comes to battery life, there are three basic options:

  • 4-cell batteries let you stay charged for four to six hours.
  • 6-cell batteries give you six to eight.
  • 9-cell batteries will generally let you work all day with your machine unplugged.

Which battery you choose is really just dependent on the needs of your staff.

These guidelines should offer some perspective as to what you’re looking for in company laptops; to learn more, reach out to the experts at Salient Networks for advice!

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