Client Testimonials

What our Clients say about Salient Networks

At Salient Networks, we’re in the business of connecting people. We’re technologists by trade, but we don’t just like technology because it’s cool. We like it because it can make lives better; it empowers teams to communicate and collaborate, and it can even make our homes and schools safer and more comfortable.

We’re proud of the work we do connecting people, and want to highlight some of it here. On this page, you can learn just a little bit more about our Salient solutions—and see for yourself why more and more clients put their trust in Salient Networks.


Stone Brewing Company, San Diego

Stone Brewing leverages Salient Networks and Cisco to facilitate rapid growth

For a case in point, look no further than to the Stone Brewery company—where Salient solutions opened the door to smart, significant growth.

“Before we brought in Salient we were a relatively small company,” comments Bryon Wischstadt, Stone Brewery’s Associate Director of Information Technology. “We had aspirations for growth in the Los Angeles area, as well as typical business challenges across the IT space. Over time we needed to replace various systems, including the addition of the Cisco Meraki Wireless Network, which has really helped all of our users as well as our customers in becoming much more flexible in how we move between our buildings.”

In short, Stone Brewery needed IT solutions that would be flexible and scalable—able to grow as the company grew. They brought us in to enhance their core infrastructure, increasing the bandwidth of their network while bringing other sites online across the country.

“Through partnering with Salient we’re really able to plan for the future to make sure that our designs are scalable and flexible for the growing needs of the company,” Wischstadt says. “Salient has been a great team to work with. They’re very knowledgeable and I think what really sets them apart from some of the other partners we’ve worked with in the past is that they have a diverse skillset and are really willing to work with us to come up with the optimal solution.”


CATIE iPad Application

CATIE mobile app transforms the Senior Living experience

Something Salient Networks is especially known for is our work within senior living communities, where we remain passionate about improving quality of life for residents, and also for enabling staff members to do their job more efficiently.

One way we can do that is by providing greater control over the environment. In particular, we recommend the CATIE iPad application, which puts seniors in the driver’s seat and allows them to control their surroundings in some amazing ways.

With easy-to-use CATIE technology, seniors are able to order flowers, see upcoming meal menus, have food delivered to their room—the list goes on. And, staff members are able to quickly and easily share messages with their residents, all with the click of a button.

“I knew the real time information would create a sense of security that we’d always be able to let residents know what was going on,” says Salem Suber. “I can send emails out to our residents and they don’t have to be computer savvy, they don’t have to have a PC in their apartment, they don’t have to be able to work Microsoft Outlook, they can simply see the pop-up email in their CATIE system.”

Adds Mike Macleod, “It’s not about technology, it’s about outcomes. It’s about the outcomes that make those people’s lives more enriching, safer, and ultimately just more worth living.”


Atherton Baptist Homes

Salient Networks uses SARA to replace failing emergency call systems wirelessly in Assisted Living Communities

If we’re passionate about improving the quality of life at senior living communities, we’re even more passionate about improving standards of safety.

Salient was enlisted by Atherton Baptist Homes to install an effective, reliable, and discreet emergency call system—allowing for heightened situational awareness among residents and staff alike.

“Our campus is an 84-year-old campus,” comments Baptist’s Dale Torry. “We have buildings from every decade over the last 84 years, and with that we have call systems from several different periods. We had at one point three different call systems on our campus. We had some of the wires just breaking down on us inside the walls and inside the conduit, and so the question became how do you replace a system like this when the cost could seem so high, and that’s where we engaged Salient and Salient brought to us a solution called SARA – Situational Awareness Response Assistant. SARA brought to us kind of a new dimension of managing emergency calls and even resident communications.”

Among its many perks, SARA offers wireless capabilities, which meant that Baptist wasn’t locked into their existing wireless structure. We made it easy for them to install new motion detectors and other situational awareness tools, in a way that was perfectly adapted to their campus and its unique physical needs.


Atherton Baptist Homes

Salient Networks delivers cutting-edge Cisco network and video phones to Atherton Baptist Homes senior living community

The introduction of SARA is just one way in which we’ve been able to improve operations at Atherton Baptist Homes.
“When we began speaking to Salient our IT needs were great in many ways; specifically, we had no comprehensive backbone to our communications system,” says Torry. “We didn’t have a master plan per se of how we wanted to tackle communicating with the residents, whether it was via the telephone or maybe a messaging system or even through an emergency call system.”

Ultimately, Torry and his team decided to institute a robust communication backbone—one that encompassed not just telephone but also Internet. They landed on the Cisco network, which they liked for how seamlessly it united telephone and video calling options.

“We didn’t want to go to different companies and have someone install a Wi-Fi system and another person install a telephone system,” Torry notes. “We realized that the future was in systems that can integrate across those lines.”
Baptist chose Salient Networks due to our knowledge base within the Cisco network, and also our focus on integrative solutions.

“We were able to expand our telephone systems simultaneously, so that our telephone system in our administrative center, assisted living, and skilled nursing center were integrated with the new Courtyard phone system,” Torry comments. “Residents, when they call a staff person, have the ability to see them, and staff have the ability to see the resident as well. It adds another dimension to communicating with residents that we have really enjoyed.”

“Part of the decision-making process that worked well for us was realizing that Salient was willing to build relationships with us,” he concludes. “I would say that Salient keeps their eye on innovation in the marketplace, not just innovation, but things that will work and apply to our communities and our individual situation. That was one of the things that originally attracted us to them is that they had products that were innovative in the marketplace and also workable and ready today, and that they had their eye on what products were coming out from the future that we’d be able to use.”


Genoptix Medical Laboratory

Managed Care Solutions for Genoptix

At Salient Networks, we’re in the business of connecting people—we want to provide them with technologies that actually make it easier (not just more complicated) to connect and collaborate.

One way in which we do so is by offering managed care services, also known as IT as a Service (ITaaS). In this service model, we’re able to provide tailored, responsive tech services that cater to our client’s needs—and that’s exactly what we delivered to our friends at Genoptix.

“We were trying to staff our communications department and had continuing difficulties finding people that could help us utilize effectively the suite of products from Cisco and to maintain a level of service that our customers required,” comments Ted Crosson of Genoptix.

That’s where Salient Networks came in. “When meeting with Salient, one of the products and offerings that they had that really suited our business was the Salient Managed Care Service,” says Crosson. “The Salient Managed Care Service effectively allowed us to continue to utilize Cisco’s smart net contracts, but then Salient provided all of the professional services and took over management in day to day operations of our communications suite from end to end. Once we implemented the managed care agreement with Salient we immediately realized a number of different benefits.”

Those benefits? No longer being responsible for day-to-day operations and up-time for their phone systems; focusing more on their core business offerings, less on the needs of telephony.

“Salient network has actually turned out to be a really good partner for us,” comments Crosson. “They have access to all the large company systems and technologies, but they maintain a small company culture, which allows them to spend the time with us that they do to understand our business and our needs and really deliver solutions effectively, quickly and cost-efficiently.”