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Data Security: Are You Prepared for Anything?

A home security system can reduce the risk of a home break-in—but it does not absolutely guarantee that your home is protected and your family is safe. In addition to installing a home security system, homeowners should think through questions like: What will you do if the system goes on? What is the best response if there is a home break-in?

In much the same way, there are measures that companies can take to keep their data safe—but no safety protocol is 100 percent guaranteed. As such, thinking purely in terms of safety is insufficient. IT teams should also be thinking in terms of preparedness.

Ensuring You’re Prepared

Certainly, this means putting the proper safeguards in place to prevent a data breach—but it also means accepting that a breach can still happen, and knowing what you’ll do if it does.

Here are some specific considerations your IT team might make:

  • Use anti-virus, spam filter, and firewall technology—all important preventative measures.
  • Conduct ongoing risk assessments, identifying any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Keep your staff members up to date and fully trained on any security risks.
  • Have a strong data backup plan in place—and test it regularly.
  • Have clear written policies about passwords, mobile device use, and data privacy. Enforce these policies!
  • Consider cyber liability insurance, where appropriate.

Beyond Data Security

Security measures are important, but they’re not sufficient for truly keeping your IT team prepared. Really being prepared for a data breach means understanding that anything could happen, even to companies that are careful about their data use.

We encourage your IT team to review its own data security steps today—and if you need guidance, reach out to the experts at Salient Networks directly.

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