Developing a Technology Plan for Your Business

Technology has transformed the way we communicate, the way we collaborate, the way we buy and sell—in short, it’s changed the way we do business. Your company can benefit greatly from the latest technology, but not if it takes a haphazard approach. As you adopt new technologies to grow your business and increase your efficiencies, make sure you have a strategy in place.

Components of a Good Technology Plan

Some key components of a technology plan include:

  • Thinking holistically. There are certainly plenty of apps and programs you can bring into your business, but it’s important that these solutions be integrated, used in tandem, and aligned to the same goals.
  • Cloud solutions. It’s never been more vital to look to the cloud for your technology needs—allowing you to scale efficiently, conserve resources, and provide your employees with greater flexibility.
  • Sharing guidelines. Data sharing can be an important part of the collaborative process, but it can also lead to some IT security risks. Make sure you have clear policies in place with regard to how data is shared within your company.
  • Employee education. More broadly, it’s important that your employees understand the potential cybersecurity threats that they will face. Make IT security a component of employee onboarding and invest in continuous training for the entire team.
  • Business objectives. There will always be flashy new technologies that draw your attention, but it’s important that your business keep its core objectives in mind—and only opt for those technologies that advance your goals.
  • Simplicity. Oftentimes, the simplest approach is the best one—so finding technologies that have lower thresholds of entry, or involve less internal complexity, is ideal.

For help putting your company’s IT strategy in place, reach out to the technologists at Salient Networks today. We are available to help design or implement a plan that matches your business goals. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation!