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Do Your Employees Care About Cybersecurity?

Statistically speaking, the vast majority of cybercrimes happen due to simple human error—for instance, employees opening emails or clicking on links that they shouldn’t. In fact, nine out of 10 cybercrimes can be avoided simply by instructing employees on how to conduct themselves on the Web.

But how can employers and IT managers work together to make employees truly vigilant, passionate about minimizing Internet risk? Here are a few tips we recommend.

Showing Employees the Importance of Cybersecurity

Hold “live fire” drills. One way to make cybersecurity threats “real” to your employees is to simulate online attacks that are specific to their jobs—helping them see the warning signs and also understand the consequences of these online crimes.

Get the executive suite on board. Your employees won’t take cybercrime seriously unless the company leadership does. Make sure the CEO and other key leaders participate in cybersecurity training, and also that there are some line items in your annual budget to address security threats.

Incorporate cybersecurity in the onboarding process. Make it clear to each new employee that online security is something you take seriously. Start the cybersecurity training early on!

Work with other departments to communicate a plan. How can you properly communicate the cybersecurity plan to employees? One way is to work with HR and with in-house communications teams, who can help you share your vision in a compelling and effective way.

Offer ongoing training. Finally, remember that cybersecurity training is not a one-and-done thing. Make sure your company holds continuous training throughout the year, keeping employees aware of the latest threats and protocols.

Make Cybersecurity a Top Priority

As you seek to keep your company safe from online crimes and attacks, get the full team involved—and for further guidance in all things IT, reach out to Salient Networks!