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How IT Services for Senior Living Transforms Senior Living Communities

Those who work in senior living communities have a number of tasks before them. Their top priority, of course, is ensuring that their residents are safe and healthy. Additionally, they must work to empower their staff members, allowing them to operate as efficiently as can be. Senior living communities can also provide comfort and convenience to their residents. And, they can give peace of mind to family members, assuring them that their elderly loved ones are being properly cared for.

Perhaps that sounds like a tall order, but these goals are all achievable… and the right technology can help. In this post, we’ll outline some of the ways in which technology can enhance senior living services.

The Benefits of IT Services for Senior Living

1) Technology keeps residents safe and sound.

As we mentioned above, the top priority within any senior living community is to keep residents safe at all times. Part of this means being attentive to wandering, a behavior that can be common among those with dementia. Those who practice wandering may become disoriented and set off away from home, potentially heading places they shouldn’t be. They may become lost or hurt.

Technology can play an important role in safeguarding residents against this behavior. Specifically, wander management controls can provide discreet yet effective limitations on where residents may travel within their community. Alarms and alerts may be placed on doors and windows, too, ensuring staff members know if anyone is trying to leave without permission.

Wander management technology is just one example of IT services for senior living, and specifically how these services can promote safety.

2) Technology empowers staff members.

Another upside to technology services for senior living? It can make life much easier for staff members, equipping them to more efficiently help their residents and attend to their medical needs.

With the right technology, staff members can receive alerts when their residents have needs, allowing them to focus their attention where it’s most needed. And, communication technology allows them to interact with residents without having to leave their workstation, assessing a need or a situation and then providing the best response.

In a senior living community, team members may often feel like their time and resources are precious. The right technology helps them make more effective use of both.

3) Technology offers comfort and convenience.

IT services also provide a new level of ease for residents. For example, resident service assistant programs allow them to call for the things they need, select their meals from a menu, easily make phone calls or access the Web, and more.

A resident service assistant program significantly improves quality of life for senior living residents.

4) Technology offers peace of mind to family members.

Finally, just note that technology isn’t just for the residents, nor the staff. A robust and effective IT portfolio can be a real selling point for your community. Indeed, it can provide family members with assurance that their loved ones are receiving the best, most up-to-date and attentive care.

Learn More About IT Services for Senior Living

Robust technology can make a world of difference in any senior living environment. The important first step is working with an IT company to select the right tech for your community’s needs.

Salient Networks is here to help. We have years of experience handling the tech needs on behalf of senior living communities, and we’d love to talk with you more about some of the options that are available.

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