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Improving Safety at Senior Living Communities

Safety is a major concern at senior living communities. After all, more than half of all senior living residents are impacted by some form of Alzheimer’s or dementia. And of those, three out of five will “wander,” often losing track of where they are. In order to keep these residents safe and secure, it’s vital to have a carefully-monitored environment. And technology can help with that.

Wander Management Solutions

Despite the need for safety procedures, many senior living communities are reluctant to adopt these potentially life-saving (or at least injury-averting) solutions—but why? Often, the concerns involve noise, robust training requirements, or simply the fear that wander management technology will create an overly “institutional” feel.

These worries are certainly valid, but thankfully, today’s wander management systems largely avoid them. Indeed, the best wander management solutions on the market today are incredibly discreet; they are easy to install and intuitive to use; and they will provide high standards of safety without your residents even noticing their presence too much.

Say, for example, your fear is that a wander management system will sound a loud alarm every time a resident wanders too far; actually, today’s systems send silent alerts to the nursing team, allowing for a swift yet discreet intervention.

And if you worry that a wander management system will involve big, bulky security gates at each entryway and exit, that’s not the case at all. In fact, these systems or IT equipment we offer at Salient Networks feature low profiles that blend in with residential décor. And there are options available that include resident-worn tags, but also some tagless systems—so you don’t have to worry about your system being too intrusive.

The bottom line? Safety should always be the top priority in senior living. Today, high standards of safety are attainable without the need for intrusive or overly institutional technology. Learn more by contacting Salient Networks today!

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