Utilities – Gas, Water and Electric

Utility companies face myriad challenges: Optimizing their own workflow, providing real value to customers, and complying with regulatory standards as well as “green” initiatives. To accomplish all of this, advanced technology is essential, enabling utilities to maximize productivity and efficiency. Through robust technological solutions, companies in gas, water and electricity can reduce their own operational expenses while improving their bottom line and in turn, their clients’.

Salient Networks is proud to deliver those solutions to companies in the utility sector—solutions that emphasize smart workflow and streamlined communication. We work with industry-leading providers to deliver strategic solutions based on our clients’ needs and business objectives; to learn more, contact our team today.

IT Infrastructure, Communication and Workflow Solutions for Utility Based Companies

Salient Networks has been a leading IT solutions service for close to three decades, and we are proud of our work alongside nationally known utility companies. We are a Diversified Partner of Pacific Gas and Electric, and in this capacity have partnered on various projects to improve call center workflow, adapt new cost-lowering and footprint-decreasing technologies, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

We take pride in offering solutions that are at once reliable and nimble; our team of highly trained IT professionals can create the network foundation needed for robust technological build-outs, also providing ongoing maintenance and system administration. Some specific technologies we have implemented for our utility clients include:

  • IP Telephony
  • Voicemail and Unified Messaging
  • Session Border Controllers for SIP trunk aggregation
  • Call Centers
  • Agent screen and voice recording
  • Wallboards
  • Advanced call center reporting and statistics
  • Advanced call center scripting services
  • Call Recording and Radio over IP (RoIP) recording

Our role is truly consultative. While there are numerous companies that sell IT and networking products, Salient Networks thoroughly evaluates each client’s needs to develop a suite of solutions that underscores key business competencies and provides tools for ongoing process improvements and success. No matter what your company seeks to accomplish through its IT initiatives, Salient Networks can help turn vision into reality.

Ultimately, we offer standard-setting technologies, customized strategies, and the personal insight of highly seasoned IT veterans. Through all of this, our aim is to deliver value to our clients, and that certainly includes our clients in the utility sector. To learn more about what Salient Networks can do for your business, we invite you to contact us for a full appraisal and consultation.

Assisted & Senior Living

At Salient Networks, we take pride in being a single-source provider for senior living communities and elder care facilities—providing a truly expansive, comprehensive technology plan with long-term implications. We begin by building a proper network foundation, and from there can build out to a wide variety of additional applications as needed—from wander management to emergency alert systems and from IP phone systems to resident check-ins.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Today’s life science organizations are doing more than ever to directly serve patients and clinicians with advanced healthcare technologies and solutions. Healthcare companies, meanwhile, are continually advancing their patient delivery systems, providing more advanced and attentive care all the time. Salient Networks is happy to provide the technological foundations for these worthy enterprises.

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Commercial and Workplace Environments

In addition, Salient Networks is pleased to build and maintain robust networks on behalf of our clients across a variety of commercial and professional applications, and to provide specific technology and communication solutions as needed.

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Utilities - Gas, Water and Electric

In our work with utility companies—including both gas and electric entities—Salient Network seeks to optimize work flow while also supporting green initiatives—ultimately helping the company save money and reduce their environmental footprint.

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