IT as a Service: Here’s How it Works

Companies of all sizes are seeking ways to help their IT teams work faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively. One way in which they’re doing so is by embracing a new technology service model known as IT as a Service, or ITaaS.

Salient Networks is a leading provider of ITaaS, which is sometimes called IT service support or managed IT. We believe it represents a good, practical model for companies looking to maximize the value of their IT departments, and we’d love to tell you more about how ITaaS can benefit your business, in particular.

But first, let’s take a closer look at exactly how the ITaaS model functions, big picture.

Understanding ITaaS

Frankly, a lot of businesses have complaints about how their IT teams function… and even many IT experts would agree that the traditional way of doing business leaves something to be desired.

All too often, we fall into the mindset of calling the IT team whenever we have a technical problem; a service rep then comes and fixes things, drawing from a prescribed set of solutions.

Yet all too often, employees and department heads are given little choice about their IT solutions; they may also find that the solution they receive is too slow, too cumbersome, or eats into too much of their budget.

IT service support models seek to address all of three problems. Essentially, ITaaS is all about empowering the IT department to function more like its own, self-contained business. It may provide internal clients with a catalog of services to choose from. Decision-makers can choose from these services, only paying for what they actually need and use. This allows both cost effectiveness and also an ability to be very nimble and adaptive.

Our Approach to Managed Network Services

It is the mission of Salient Networks to provide the best managed IT service for our clients. Sometimes this means that we support and augment their existing IT teams. But if your company doesn’t have a technology department, we can effectively be your IT team. You can entrust your technology needs to us on an outsourced basis.

There are a number of benefits to doing so.

  • You can choose only the technology products and services you really need; you don’t have to pay for anything superfluous.
  • You can enjoy technology solutions that are highly scalable.
  • In addition to software and hardware, you also gain access to the expertise of our IT professionals.
  • We can serve in a consultatory role, helping you analyze your current tech needs and pinpoint the most cost-effective solutions.
  • We can also provide full training for your team, on issues related to cyber security and data management.
  • With our managed network services you get around-the-clock monitoring for your network, including robust IT security.

Again, it’s our pleasure to help you provide your employees with better, more expedient, more cost-effective tech solutions that help you achieve your business goals. And we can do so working as an outsourced firm, or simply advising and supporting your existing IT pros.

Reach Out to Salient Networks Today

Salient Networks is here to provide you with the best managed IT service for your business. We have worked with companies across the country, in many different verticals, and would love to tell you more about the tailored IT options available through the ITaaS model.

To speak with us about the benefits of IT service management, or to learn how it can address your company’s needs, please contact Salient Networks today.