Emergency Call & Wander Management Technologies

In senior living and other resident or patient care environments, it is critical that caregivers and supporting staff have actionable, real-time information and alerts. Emergency call and wander management solutions, designed and implemented properly, provide critical alerts to caregiving staff on any device. These systems can improve resident and patient quality of living, provide important tracking and reporting, and save lives. They can also provide a wider view of a facility’s true needs, keeping people aware and boosting their productivity even while making safety, security and environmental conditions top priorities.

Salient Networks is proud to provide this expansive, environmentally aware technology on behalf of our clients, particularly those in the workflow of healthcare and senior care. Our solutions encompass emergency call and wander management technologies, as well as more robust and integrative situational awareness response technologies. These solutions provide measurable improvements in quality and speed of care, accountability and report-ability. They also facilitate a less clinical feeling environment through silent, mobile alerting and escalations.

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SARA – Situational Awareness Response Assistant

Salient Networks is proud to deliver services through SARA (Situational Awareness Response Assistant), from Status Solutions. SARA provides situational awareness through the integration of multiple technologies. In essence, it is an automated alerting system and awareness engine that sends notifications via voice and text, delivered to phones, pagers, email inboxes and more. SARA includes a wireless sensor network, integration tools and broadcast communication capabilities, all integrated into a single, seamless tool.

The result: Your team members can be more aware of what’s going on throughout your work environment, through the relay of both emergency and non-emergency data across various devices. Salient Networks is a leading provider of this technology, and we are happy to provide full consultations about how SARA could increase environmental awareness in your environment.



In addition, Salient Networks provides security products from Accutech. This line of perimeter security products is ideal for keeping your clients and patients within a safe, pre-defined area, and from preventing any “wandering” from those who might suffer from dementia or any other at-risk condition.

Accutech products are based on advanced RFID technology, and provide staff members with a true sense of ease in their work—ensuring they can focus on providing compassionate care, not having to worry about being “doormen.” To learn more about Accutech’s products, we invite you to contact us today.


Stanley Healthcare Products

Salient Networks provides expertise in the installation and maintenance of Stanley Healthcare RoamAlert products, as well; what we typically recommend is a full system that includes RoamAlert Resident Tag, RoamAlert Pendant, and RoamAlert Controller and exciter technologies. Combined, these create an environment in which “roamers” and “wanderers” are kept safely in the fold. This leaves staff members free to do their jobs without having to worry about people leaving the premises.

Whether you are looking to install a new Stanley HealthCare system or you are seeking to update your older system, Salient Networks can provide on-the-ground expertise. Learn more by contacting our team today.

Wander Management and Emergency Call Applications for Senior Living Communities

Solutions like SARA, Accutech and Stanley RoamAlert have numerous applications within senior living communities, where full environmental awareness is crucial. A few examples include:

  • Integrated alarm management for nurse call (single or multiple systems)
  • Mobile duress with location data to find residents in need more quickly
  • Fire and security panel integration
  • Security camera integration
  • Door/window contact alarms
  • Motion detection
  • Egress/ingress
  • Temperature monitoring/logging (e.g., refrigerators for food and medicine)
  • Operational status of generators, boilers, water heaters, pumps, etc.
  • Presence of water/humidity, smoke, hazardous substances, etc.
  • Medicine reminders
  • Inclement weather alerts
  • General announcements and activity reminders or schedule changes
  • Reporting for compliance, response times, etc.
  • Robust wander management applications

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