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Whether in a skilled nursing, independent living, or assisted living context, patient and resident safety is the highest priority—and with the latest technologies, it’s easier than ever to keep your community safe. Salient Networks is proud to provide emergency call systems that put safety at the forefront, while also minimizing the burden on medical teams and staff members.

Salient Networks will help you map out your emergency call system needs, implement a best-in-class system, and provide all the training and maintenance assistance you require—all with an eye toward increasing your residents’ safety and your caregivers’ efficiency. Learn more about some of the emergency call systems and other unified communications solutions we offer.

Emergency Call Systems

SARA – Situational Awareness Response Assistant

SARA provides situational awareness through the integration of multiple technologies. In essence, it is an automated alerting system and awareness engine that sends notifications via voice and text, delivered to phones, pagers, email inboxes and more. SARA includes a wireless sensor network, integration tools, and broadcast communication capabilities, all rolled into a single, seamless tool.

The result: Your team members can be more aware of what’s going on throughout your work environment, through the relay of both emergency and non-emergency data across various devices.


We gladly offer another situational awareness system with myriad applications in a healthcare setting called RCare. It is a full suite of products that includes wireless nurse call and emergency response technologies created to fit a wide spectrum of senior care and healthcare scenarios.

With RCare, you can use integrated technologies to provide a seamless, effective, and verifiable response to any medical emergencies that may occur in your environment—a great way to enable your staff and to keep your clients safe.


The Ariel Call Station is the latest nurse call solution from Stanley Healthcare. It provides a wireless, battery-powered, fixed-location resident call solution that’s easily activated by a large button or pull cord; remote activation is also possible.

Activation of the device sends an immediate signal to the medical team, who can then mount a swift response. All in all, it’s a sleek, simple, and highly effective way to boost situational awareness and resident safety.

Nurse Call Technology

Salient Networks is also proud to provide nurse call capabilities—similar to the emergency call systems we’ve detailed here, but specifically aimed at skilled nursing units. We offer best-in-class wireless nurse call technologies from RCare, which is now UL 1069 approved for use in California, reducing disruption and saving money.

Salient Success Stories

Salient Networks has worked with Senior Living communities in Southern California since 2008. One issue we hear from community Directors is their struggle with facilitating easy communication, allowing residents to feel taken care of while enabling caregivers to work efficiently. We have helped countless Directors alleviate their concerns by installing safety-enhancing emergency call systems—and we would love to do the same for your facility.

Get Emergency Call Systems for Seniors

Solutions like SARA, RCare, and Ariel have numerous applications within senior living communities, where full environmental awareness is crucial.

To learn more about these unique solutions—no matter your needs or your industry—we invite you to contact Salient Networks today.