Triple Play: WiFi Internet, TV, Phone Bundle

WiFi Internet, TV, Phone bundle for Senior Living Communities and Residents

Is your community knotted up in a legacy Internet, TV, Phone bundle that doesn’t quite fit the bill anymore?

Big cable companies promise a lot up front, but don’t always deliver. Their terms and costs are often changing and they might not tell you, in simple terms, what any of it means for you! At the end of the day, their bottom line keeps growing and you end up stuck or losing out on services or savings.

When you’re ready to get off that rollercoaster, call us and ask about Salient Networks Triple Play.


What is Triple Play?

A wireless Internet, TV, Phone bundle that works everywhere, for everyone.

As low as $49 per month per resident for campus-wide WiFi Internet and Phone bundles.

As low as $59 per month per resident for campus-wide WiFi Internet, Phone, and HD TV bundles.

Triple Play provides WiFi Internet access and HD Cable TV services to residents and guests, plus secure HIPAA compliant WiFi access for staff. Residents can access their own personal home network anywhere in the community where there is wireless signal. Staff electronic applications such as EMR can reach into resident’s rooms and wherever wireless signal may be found.

Triple Play includes the following services:

  • 24×7 onsite support for breakages and fixes , plus phone based helpdesk assistance
  • Optional Onsite Managed Care for in-person assistance with new resident device setup, and ongoing troubleshooting
  • Guaranteed WiFi coverage for each residence in all desired public areas, indoors and out
  • Network infrastructure to support WiFi and TV services – all cabling infrastructure will be the property of the community for future use (not proprietary to the Cable TV provider)
  • Dedicated Internet circuit
  • Redundant firewalls for security and failover
  • Salient Networks can optionally onboard and offboard residents, and installs and fully manages the operation of the network
  • Fully customizable HD channel lineup, including premium channels HBO, ESPN, Cinemax, plus pre-programmed and live community channels


How does Triple Play work?


First, we design the infrastructure that suits your community. Then we install top-of-the-line wireless networks, cable TV, phone services, and data networks – we even work with existing systems if there’s no need for an upgrade. Once everything is setup, our Managed Care contract kicks in for tech support needs.

We only work with the top National and Global manufacturers and service providers such as Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Senior TV, and other trusted brands. Our partner Senior TV is the leading national provider for bulk TV services in Senior Living. Cisco/Meraki is the #1 Global provider of network and WiFi solutions.

The best part: we pass on the savings to you. Whether you charge residents for the service or include it in their monthly fees, your community can create a new revenue stream, provide better services to your residents while saving them money, and gain a seamless campus WiFi network for staff applications such as mobile smartphones for EMR/EHR and nurse call.


How Salient Helped Atherton Baptist Homes Integrate Their Systems

Salient Networks integrates WiFi and Phone networks at Atherton Baptist Homes senior living community


What’s special about Salient Networks Triple Play?

We curate our partnerships around the fact that our clients are not one-size-fits-all. We understand the intricacies of running a senior living community because we’ve worked with them since 2005. We combine our intimate knowledge of senior living with the latest technology and solutions to deliver our guaranteed client satisfaction. If for any reason our clients are not completely satisfied, we offer a 30 day out clause of our Managed Care contract and will help a graceful transition to another service provider. In our history, no client has ever opted for this option due to dissatisfaction with our service.

Call us to learn more about Triple Play today.