Wander Management

Scalable Wander Management Solutions

Hospitals and senior living communities are constantly seeking to protect and enhance the safety of their residents—and technology can be invaluable as they pursue this noble goal. Specifically, Wander Management Solutions provide medical staff members with an easy and reliable way to prevent roaming—gracefully forewarning or alerting caregivers as to who eloped and where, while providing residents and family members alike with peace of mind.

Salient Networks is proud to provide the full implementation of best-in-class wander management solutions. These systems have been thoroughly vetted and proven to improve safety, while simultaneously easing the burden placed on staff members. Salient Networks will strategize with you about the best wander management solutions for your needs, implement the system in a timely manner, and provide any ongoing maintenance assistance that’s required.

High-end Wander Management Technologies

We only offer wander management suites that we believe to be first-rate—systems you can trust for keeping your residents safe and sound. You may check out the products from our shop as well!


Accutech’s line of perimeter security products is ideal for keeping your clients and patients within a safe, pre-defined area, and from preventing any “wandering” from those who suffer from dementia or any other at-risk condition.

Accutech products are based on advanced RFID technology, and provide staff members with a true sense of ease in their work—ensuring they can focus on providing compassionate care, not having to worry about being “doormen.” To learn more about Accutech’s products, we invite you to contact us today.

Stanley Healthcare Wander Guard System

We are proud to offer the WanderGuard Blue solution from Stanley Healthcare—the leading technology for keeping nursing home, hospital, or assisted living residents safe and sound. For thousands of caregivers, wander management means Wander Guard System.

Wander Guard System is based on advanced Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) wireless tech, allowing for a simple and remote configuration, a streamlined installation process, and a low price point. It’s discreet, but also effective—allowing administrators and clinicians ample flexibility in how they use their system. Wander Guard System is the only system you will ever require to manage elopement risk.

Additionally, Salient Networks provides expertise in the installation and maintenance of Stanley Healthcare RoamAlert products; what we typically recommend is a full system that includes RoamAlert Resident Tag, RoamAlert Pendant, and RoamAlert Controller and exciter technologies.

Combined, these create an environment in which “wanderers” are kept safely in the fold. Wander Guard System leaves staff members free to do their jobs without having to worry about people leaving the premises. Additionally, it provides peace of mind to family members.

Whether you are looking to install a new Stanley HealthCare system or you are seeking to update your older system, Salient Networks can provide on-the-ground expertise. Learn more about Wander Guard System by contacting our team today.

Salient Success Stories

Salient Networks has worked with Senior Living communities in Southern California since 2008. One of the chief concerns we hear from community Directors is their struggle to meet regulatory compliance for wander management requirements. One reason is the lack of a consistent and comprehensive wander management strategy and practice. One Director told us he was looking for a way to better mitigate or detect elopements. Salient Networks provided him with these capabilities. As a result, he was able to significantly reduce the likelihood of elopements, helping to avoid future violations and penalties.

Could you enjoy the same level of protection? The only way to find out is to contact our team today.

Get Wander Management Solutions from Salient Networks

Solutions like Accutech and Stanley RoamAlert have numerous applications within senior living communities, where full environmental awareness is crucial.

Wander Management Solutions represent the best of what technology can be—a way for us to look after one another, to protect the vulnerable, and to make our businesses run more smoothly and effectively. We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of wander management.

To learn more about these unique Wander Management Solutions and other unified communications solutions we offer—no matter your needs or your industry—we invite you to contact Salient Networks today.