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Key Features for Your Hosted Phone System

Not all hosted phone systems are created equal, and it’s important for your company’s communications technology to keep up with your communications needs.

Simply put, the phone system needs for a 100-person enterprise are going to be very different from a company of just a dozen people. For these larger businesses, in particular, it’s vital to do your due diligence and to pick a hosted phone system with the necessary features.

And which features are necessary, exactly? Here’s a list of our top recommendations.

What Your Enterprise Phone System Needs

Customizable user templates. As your company grows, and new people are hired and/or leave the company, you’re going to need a phone system that can adapt. In particular, you’ll want to be able to seamlessly activate or block permissions for certain users. Easy customization for your user templates is vital.

Software integration. The hosted phone system you choose should be primed for integration for Google, Outlook, Salesforce, and whatever other software suites your company uses. In fact, a good enterprise-level solution will leave room for custom software integration—meaning you can pair it with any number of in-house applications.

Dedicated circuits. Another feature to look for is a dedicated circuit. Simply put, this allows you to ensure 100 percent call quality at all times.

Professional installation. Finally, make sure you never opt for a hosted phone system that does not come fully backed by well-trained installation professionals. You need to know that, should any issue ever arise, you’ll have someone you can reach to troubleshoot and fix the problem immediately.

Search for the Best Hosted Phone System

There are other features we could list, but these four provide you with a firm foundation. Insist on each of them in any enterprise-level hosted phone system you choose.