Bed Chair Wireless Sensor – SSBCSW-ENV5




SARA interfaces to the Inovonics EchoStream compatible (SSBCSW-ENV5) Bed Chair wireless sensor to accept the alarm data, interpret the alarm, and push it out as a managed alert according to modes and actions programming. For example, when the pressure alarm is activated or de-activated, SARA sees and reads the alarm and then pushes out an alert to the proper individual via their pager, cell phone, wireless phone, etc.


  • Reset button is the only button and automatically resets monitor
  • User selectable delay of 0,1,3 seconds (local alarm annunciates instantly)
  • Audible alert can be turned on or off on the device
  • Operates by a lithium battery SSBATGEN (CR123A). Expected battery life of 12 months (dependent on use – actual results could be more or less)
  • Battery Cover
  • Mounting strap
  • Compatible with Inovonics EchoStream & SPS

Pad Options:


  • Dimensions:
  •  Battery:
  •  Battery Life:


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Weight 1 lbs


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