Universal Transmitter 4 Hour Check In – SSUT-EN




The SSUT-EN Universal Transmitter can be used with any standard dry contact or sensor.  The SARA UT can also be used with the SSDRSM magnetic door contacts.


  • Supports a normally open or normally closed input; an onboard reed-switch input
  • Frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology which maximizes reliability
  • Upon alarm activation, sends redundant messages across a bandwidth that is at least 10MHz wide
  • Supports a N/O switch with fast contact closure
  • Can be used in conjunction with a standard relay when needing to monitor a circuit with voltage


  • Dimensions:  3.5 x 1.7 x 0.9″
  •  Battery: SSBATGEN (CR123A)
  •  Battery Life: 1 – 3 years depending on usage (actual results could be more or less). Note, SARA will provide daily low battery reports to keep you informed of which batteries need to be changed.
  •  Compatible with Inovonics EchoStream


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Weight 1 lbs


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