WanderGuard BLUE Indoor Keypad – WGB-KPD-K100-IN



The WGB-KPD-K100-IN WanderGuard Blue indoor keypad provides access through a door with visitor, bypass or user defined PIN codes.   The simple display shows system status, errors, events, time and day information and includes a buzzer that can be activated upon alarm events.

The WanderGuard BLUE Indoor Keypad (K100) is a component of STANLEY Healthcare’s WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management Solution for monitoring facility doors and preventing at-risk resident wandering. Staff and visitors key in a dedicated four-digit code to enter or exit through the controlled door. The Indoor Keypad is typically installed in an easily accessible location adjacent to the controlled door and at hand-height.

Physical Keypad
The Indoor Keypad has 3×4 primary keys, A – D functional keys, additional menu navigation buttons, two LEDs, digital display and a buzzer.
Power and Communication
The Indoor Keypad can receive its 12 V power from the EX5700 Controller or an external power supply. It communicates via RS485 by sending PIN codes and receiving status and event messages from the Controller.
Navigation Buttons
The Indoor Keypad navigation buttons are used to display menus for Help, Date and Time, and Sounds Control, etc.
Digital Display
The Indoor Keypad displays the status of the Controller and events: Ready, Night Mode, Override, Alarm, Access Granted/Denied, Invalid Code, Door Ajar, Loitering, Controller errors and communication failures.
LEDs Indoor Keypad LEDs indicate Controller status, errors or lost communication with the Controller.
Function Buttons
“A” Button – pressed to have access through the door after entering the Visitor or Bypass PIN code. “B” Button – pressed after entering the alarm reset PIN code.

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Weight 1 lbs