WanderGuard BLUE Manager – WGB-MGR-1000



The WGB-MGR-1000 WanderGuard BLUE Manager is a component of STANLEY Healthcare’s WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management Solution for monitoring facility doors and preventing at-risk resident wandering.

The WanderGuard BLUE Manager is a tablet-based dedicated mobile application.

The EX5700 Controller can be configured using the WanderGuard BLUE Manager. After establishing BLE communication with the Controller, the Controller’s configuration information is displayed in the application. The configuration can be modified and saved back to the Controller.

A Controller’s configuration can also be modified by the application and later applied to another Controller. In this way, repetitive data (e.g., user lists, door scheduling) can be ported from one Controller to another without having to rekey the data.

How It Works:
Using the Scan option after logging in to the application displays information about Tags and Controllers.

The WanderGuard BLUE Manager receives Tag data from Tags via BLE after they are “excited” by the WanderGuard Blue Detector. Tag data is displayed in the Tag Tab of the Scan Results page.

The WanderGuard BLUE Manager also receives Controller data from the Controller via BLE, which is displayed in the Controller Tab.

Tag Data:
Tag details are displayed in a table with the following columns: MAC number (of the Tag), status (Dormant/Active), rmware version, battery (Good/Low), battery type (90 days/3 years), activation date and manufacturing date.
Controller Data
The Controller information includes rmware version, type and name. Communication with the Controller can be established from the Scan Results page. Once the Controller is connected to the application, the Controller con guration pages can be opened.  The pages contain the Controller’s con guration parameters: Settings, Clock, Outputs, Users and Schedule.
Programmable Outputs:
The Controller has two programmable outputs that can be programmed to be activated when the Controller enters a speci c status or mode. The outputs are deactivated when the Controller is no longer in that status or mode.
This page contains a list of users who have the access code to the door that the Controller protects. Out-of-the-box, the Controller has no con gured users. Users can be added, deleted and modi ed.

The Controller supports up to 45 users in the Users List.

A Day/Night Mode schedule can be set for each day of the week.


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