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How Technology is Changing the Workplace

What will the workplace look like in five, 10, or 20 years’ time? It’s impossible to tackle those questions without talking about technology. Technology is transforming the way we communicate, collaborate, and remain productive. It poses a number of opportunities for businesses, plus some challenges for IT professionals.

And while it’s impossible to highlight all the ways in which information technology is changing the workplace, we do want to showcase just a few noteworthy trends.

Tech Changes in the Workplace

Conferences and meetings. The days of dialing into a “conference call” line may be winding down, as more and more companies invest in video conference technologies and entire rooms dedicated to cross-purpose brainstorming. Employees in all different parts of the world can come together to exchange ideas, using virtual white boards to brainstorm together.

Health and wellness. We also expect to see big advances in workplace comfort and health—for example, relaxation rooms, temperature controls, and air filters that help employees function at an optimal level.

Security and authentication. Something else you can look out for is an increase in options for sign-in and verification; rather than having to remember passwords, employees will be able to access secure company devices with just a thumb print or other biometric reading.

The cloud. Of course, cloud computing will continue to be a big deal, enabling workers from remote locations to log in, share files, and access the same tools and resources as their colleagues at the central office. This is one tech trend your company can embrace right now, getting in on the ground floor.

Again, this is hardly a complete or exhaustive list—but hopefully it points out a few ways in which your workplace could evolve. To learn more about harnessing the latest tech trends, reach out to the experts at Salient Networks today!

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