What are nurse call systems

The Secrets to Emergency Call Systems for Seniors

Emergency call systems have become ubiquitous in senior living communities. An emergency call system allows residents to quickly and easily signal that they need attention from the nursing staff. The benefits are twofold. One, they allow residents to get help as needed, and two, they allow nurses to monitor residents more efficiently and use their resources more judiciously.

Before investing in an emergency call system for your senior living center, it’s important to understand some of the finer points about how this technology works. Here are a few pointers from the team at Salient Networks.

Emergency Call Systems for Seniors: A Few Things to Know

1) It’s important to keep a system up to date.

Like any technology, emergency call systems for seniors can eventually become too dated to function at a peak level. If your facility’s emergency nurse call system hasn’t been inspected or updated in a while, there’s a chance it’s not as effective as it could be. Additionally, there are risks that your whole system could fail, leaving your business and your residents all vulnerable.

2) A good emergency nurse call system should help you monitor patient care.

Part of the reason you invest in a nurse call system is that it makes life easier for your nursing team. To help you achieve that goal, make sure you have a system that does more than just alert nurses when care is needed. Seek one that also lets nurses note when care has been delivered and keep track of ongoing resident needs.

3) The best call systems have been designed in tandem with healthcare providers.

Even robust technology can sometimes be impractical or not useful in a clinical setting. You don’t necessarily want all the latest bells and whistles; what you want is something that will actually improve quality of life for your residents, enhance safety throughout your senior living community, and increase efficiency among your clinical staff. Make sure you seek technological solutions that have been designed alongside clinicians, and that have been tested against real-world senior living conditions.

4) Remember, an emergency call system is also a boon for family members.

An emergency call system is good for residents, it’s good for nurses, it’s good for your community in general… but did you know it can also provide peace of mind to family members? It’s true. Let your residents’ family members know about the emergency call technology you use, and it will help them feel reassured that their loved ones are in good hands. This can be a really important way of building goodwill among family members.

5) Emergency call systems are crucial, but they’re not enough.

We definitely endorse emergency call systems and encourage senior living communities to implement this robust technology. With that said, we also want to make sure that senior living communities have wander management technology in place, particularly if they have residents with dementia. There are a number of other technological solutions to consider, as well. To find out more, just give us a call.

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The bottom line: The right technology can improve everyone’s life throughout your senior living community. Nurse call systems are just one example of that. To learn more, or to ensure you have the right solutions in place, reach out to a technology company that has ample experience providing for senior living centers.

Salient Network more than fits that criteria, and we’d love to speak with you about any of your technology needs. Reach out today to set up a consultation with one of our team members.