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Tips for Moving to a Hosted Phone System

Moving your company’s phone system to the cloud is one of the best things you can do to ensure cost savings and streamlined communications. The actual transition to the cloud should be fairly straightforward, especially if you follow a few basic rules of thumb.

Moving to the Cloud: A Checklist

For example:

  • Be clear about your Internet and bandwidth needs. A cloud-based phone system runs entirely over the Internet, which means you will want to speak with your cloud service provider to ensure your current bandwidth can support it. The best way to determine your bandwidth needs is to figure out how many simultaneous calls take place during the peak hours of your business, and provide that information to the cloud provider.
  • Make sure you have addressed any potential security issues, as well. When you move to the cloud, you need to safeguard your data, and your cloud service provider should have plenty of options for helping you do so.
  • Also ask your cloud provider about disaster recovery. To be clear, hosted phone systems are innately more disaster-proof than traditional phone systems, but even so, it’s smart to know what measures are in place to help you recover in the unlikely event of data loss.
  • Ask your cloud provider whether your current phones and computers are compatible with the new hosted system—and if not, allocate some dollars in your budget to upgrading this key equipment.

Are You Ready to Move to the Cloud?

By paying attention to these details on the front end, you can be certain that your move to the cloud is a successful one—saving you money and making your life easier. To learn more about making the transition, we invite you to contact us at Salient Networks today.