Understanding the Internet of Things

If you have ever used a virtual assistant, like Siri or Alexa, then you have used the Internet of Things. This is a term you’ve probably heard bandied about, and on some level, most of us understand the basic difference the Internet of Things can make in our lives. When it comes to providing a technical definition, though, a lot of us might come up short.

In this post, we’re going to help articulate this important concept. We’ll also take a closer look at the impact that Internet of Things technology can have on your business.

Defining the Internet of Things Technology

When we talk about the Internet of Things, we’re really describing the way in which different machines and devices can be connected together through the Web. Because of this interconnectedness, different machines and devices can supply one another with insight and data, feeding off of each other to optimize performance.

This may sound fairly basic but only because Internet of Things devices are already so common. For example, most cloud computing and data storage solutions rely on Internet of Things concepts to function. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what this technology can yield; IOT has also been implemented in government, in daily consumer experience, etc.

Implications for Your Business

So that’s what Internet of Things devices are—but what about implications for your business?

The main reason for your company to embrace IOT is that it can help enhance day-to-day efficiency. IOT technology can gather data from social networks, internal and external networks, and even traditional media to provide insights that empower your machines and enable your team members to optimize their workplace habits. You can even augment your accounting and enterprise planning programs with data gathered from IOT technologies. In short, you can have a wealth of information available to you to guide truly informed business decisions.

All of this can have a real, bottom-line impact on your business. In fact, some studies indicate that IOT will save global businesses trillions of dollars in total, just in the next few years. Even with such an eye-popping statistic, though, many companies are behind the times in adopting IOT—so why is that, exactly?

Why IOT Is Underutilized

This is one of those instances where a lot of companies have interest but not initiative. A common attitude among business owners and IT professionals is to wait and see how IOT shakes out—to observe how the technology develops before embracing it whole-heartedly. Because of this attitude, some studies show that fewer than half of today’s businesses are using this incredible, money-saving technology.

This level of caution is somewhat understandable: IOT technology is definitely valuable, but it’s not necessarily easy to implement. To really make it work, it requires long-term strategy and expert deployment. Basically, it requires working closely with one of the Internet of Things companies that services your industry. That’s a big step forward, and many companies aren’t yet ready to make it.

But of course, just because it requires some investment, that doesn’t mean IOT technology isn’t worth it. On the contrary, the businesses that embrace it may soon have the competitive upper hand.

Get Help from Salient Networks

In this post, we’ve only been able to scratch the surface of what IOT is and why it matters to your business. We’d love to tell you more and to show you how this technology can make a difference in your business.

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