Use Chatbots to Empower Your Business

Use Chatbots to Empower Your Business

Chatbots are increasingly common; in fact, you’ve almost certainly been on a website where chatbots were in use. (Those windows that pop up while you’re browsing a website, asking you if you need help or would like to speak to a customer service rep? Those are chatbots!)

It’s not hard to understand why chatbots have grown so popular. After all, more and more consumers do their product research and purchasing on the Web, and, all else being equal, would rather not have to pick up the phone and call someone. Chatbots are good for customers who want to ask a question without leaving the current Web page, and thus they are good for businesses as they seek to step up their customer service game.

There are a number of ways in which chatbots can make a positive impact on your business—and in this post, we’re going to look at just a handful of them.

Employ Chatbots as “Personal Assistants”

Have you ever been in a department store and had a staff member who came alongside you and spent several minutes helping you find the right products in the right sizes? Chatbots can serve that same function for your website visitors.

In fact, there’s a wide range of capabilities a chatbot can supply, from pre-purchase assistance to post-purchase customer service and care.

The important thing is to use your chatbots in a way that allows the customer to feel heard; the end goal should always be to show customers that you want to take care of them.

Provide Around-the-Clock Care

A simple but significant perk of chatbots is that they can be accessible 24/7, available to help customers who are browsing your website late at night or after business hours.

Your chatbots don’t have to sleep, they don’t need coffee breaks, and you don’t have to pay them—which means they empower your business to provide more robust and attentive customer service while also saving money!

That’s reason enough to consider implementing chatbots on your business website.

Integrate Chatbots with Facebook Ads

Most of the time, when you click on a Facebook ad, it takes you either to a business website or to a separate app.

But did you know what you can actually integrate chatbot technology with Facebook Ads— so, when a customer clicks on the ad, a chat window automatically opens up, making it easy to forge a connection?

If you deploy your ads strategically, and reach out to customers who are on the cusp of a purchasing decision, this can be a powerful way to guide those conversions to completion.

Offer Your Customers Peace of Mind

One final note about chatbots: Their very presence can be reassuring to your customers and clients.

For your customer, this means they can always reach out for customer service or tech support, even if they have an issue with your product and it’s well past normal office hours.

Simply put, this can be an invaluable way to earn trust, and to let your customers know they will always have a way of getting the help they need.

Are Chatbots Right for Your Business?

There are obviously a lot of perks to using chatbots—and just maybe, this is a good technology for your business to implement.

But before you do so, make sure you have a broader tech strategy in place to ensure that your chat service is properly configured and that you have the right people in place to successfully help your online visitors. That’s where Salient Networks comes in. Reach out to us today and let’s talk about your business technology strategy. Contact Salient today!