What is a wander guard system

What is a Wander Guard System?

There are a number of health and safety concerns that accompany dementia—and one of the most common concerns is wandering. Thankfully, there are also some technological advancements that can help caregivers minimize this risk. Specifically, a wander guard system can help keep those with dementia safe and secure. However, what is a wander guard system, and what are the benefits you can anticipate?

Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about having a wander guard for home use.

What is Wandering?

Before we get to the wander guard technology, let’s take a step back and take a look at wandering.

This is arguably the single biggest concern among dementia caregivers. Basically, those who have dementia can sometimes become confused about their surroundings and begin to literally wander around. They may be in search of “home,” even if they are already home. As these individuals wander, they can quickly become lost, and in some cases they may become injured.

In fact, there are some terrifying, documented cases of those with dementia wandering off, losing their way, and succumbing to hypothermia or heat stroke. It’s a big issue, but thankfully it’s one that technology can address.

What is Wander Guard Technology?

Wander guard technology was incepted with the express purpose of keeping “wanderers” safe, preventing them from straying too far. This technology is commonly implemented in dementia care and eldercare communities, but there are also a lot of excellent options for wander guard for home use.

There are a number of specific wander guard technologies available; two that we recommend highly are Stanley Healthcare Wanderguard and Accutech Wander Guard. These vary slightly in how they work, but the premise is similar. Basically, you can set up a perimeter around your living area. When the dementia patient breaches the perimeter, you’ll receive an immediate notification. You can use this system to keep your elderly family member from leaving the home, or from opening certain doors and windows, or simply from leaving your property.

What are the Benefits of Installing Wander Guard Technology?

Again, depending on whether you choose Stanley Healthcare Wanderguard, Accutech Wander Guard, or something else, you may have a slightly different experience. With that said, there are some basic perks and benefits that are common to most wander guard technologies.

  • They can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your elderly family member isn’t going to stray too far away without you immediately knowing about it.
  • Wander guard technologies are very respectful and discreet; most of them use extremely small and non-invasive chips, not bulky ankle bracelets.
  • The chips used can enable GPS functionality—meaning you can always know exactly where the patient is located.
  • When your loved one is struggling or becomes confused, you can know it immediately and be able to respond—quickly providing them with the comfort they need.

You can understand why wander guard systems are so popular in eldercare communities, where physical safety is top priority. And, you can see why this technology is increasingly finding its way into homes, as well.

Getting Started with Wander Guard Technology

As you consider your wander guard options, we recommend partnering with an experienced vendor who can walk you through the pros and cons of different products.

Salient Networks specializes in IT communications solutions, and we’ve helped countless eldercare facilities realize the benefits of wander management technology.

To start talking about your wandering management system or wanderer monitoring system needs, we invite you to reach out and chat with Salient Networks at any time! Let’s talk today about keeping your loved ones safe and sound.