About Us

Salient Networks is a proud provider of IT Solutions for Assisted & Senior Living, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Commercial & Workplace Environments. Call now to learn more about our services.

About Salient Networks

Communication is the lifeblood of any business; it enables your team members to collaborate and maintain productivity. It is what allows you to remain connected to your clients and customers. For companies in healthcare and senior living, communication can literally save lives. As such, your enterprise cannot entrust its networking and IT needs to just anyone; that is why companies choose Salient Networks, an IT consultation company with a client-first mentality and three decades of experience.

The Salient Networks Story

Our roots go back to 1987. Obviously, communication technology has changed a great deal since then. Salient Networks has changed with the times, but remained true to our earliest vision—to be a truly people-centered, client-first company. Even as we adapt to new technologies, we keep the focus on providing total client satisfaction.

We are a provider of solutions, and work with our clients in a truly consultative capacity. We evaluate each client’s needs and help determine the best way to underscore key business objectives, all while providing superior solutions for our clients’ team members and customers alike.

Products and Technology

In order to provide robust solutions and maintain high standards of customer satisfaction, we align ourselves with some of the top technology manufacturers in the country. We are proud to offer integrative solutions in a number of categories—including:

Our team of professionals will work closely with your company to execute strategies that streamline and strengthen your key business functions; we offer limited consultation work, augment your IT team or help desk, or even take it over completely. To learn more about any of these solutions, we invite you to contact us today.

Industries Served

Since 1987, Salient Networks has developed diverse experience across multiple industries; we remain committed to developing solutions to clients from a wide range of niches and verticals. With that said, much of our work is focused on the following industries:

Why Choose Salient Networks?

Ultimately, the Salient Networks advantage is significant. By choosing our company, you gain access to leading technology providers and state-of-the-art solutions, but also an integrative approach to your networking or IT needs. We are backed by years of experience, but also by an ongoing commitment to exemplary customer service.

Salient Networks believes in the power of communication and the importance of connectivity; we wish to help you harness these things for your own business. Learn more about our solutions-driven approach. Contact our team of experts at Salient Networks today to schedule a consultation.

Communication Infrastructure

The heart of what we do is bringing people together—providing ways for your team members to connect and collaborate in real time. Our Hosted / On Premise Phone Services integrate applications such as voice/IP telephony, instant messaging/chat, presence information, video conferencing, data sharing and speech recognition, as well as non-real-time applications like voicemail, email, fax and text.

Healthcare Systems

For our clients who work in healthcare, we are pleased to deliver the solutions needed to keep nursing and medical team members connected to their patients, and vice versa.

ITaaS services - IT as a Service

At Salient Networks, we can fully manage your network for you, as well as your phone system; alternatively, we can supplement your help desk and IT staff. Regardless, we promise to deliver prompt and effective results, combined with rigorous monthly reporting—all designed to meet your goals and augment your current business functionalities.

Wired and Wireless Data Networks

More generally, Salient Networks constructs the infrastructures needed for comprehensive, system-wide networks, designed to keep your people and resources connected. With a robust network, you can ensure connectivity and data sharing, and enable your team members to collaborate seamlessly. We also deliver responsive network support as needed.

We do what’s right for our clients, seeing every project through to success.

"Just wanted to say that the SARA install team did a tremendous job. Their efforts helped us to pass our DSS licensing inspections yesterday. They rock!"
Maleakhi Adi
Director of I.T