Why Choose Us

Salient Networks has been providing IT solutions since 1987; our company has evolved and adapted since then, but one thing has not changed. We remain committed to putting our clients first, offering them solutions with true integrity. That is the Salient Networks advantage. Salient Networks is rapidly expanding our Operations team at a rate of 25% per year, and we still retain an average tenure of 9 years. This is a testament to our team members’ commitment to our clients and our mission.

Our sheer depth of expertise is one of the primary reasons to choose Salient Networks over our competition. In our three decades of existence, we have worked with some of the leading developers of networking and IT products, and we have done extensive work in industries that rely heavily on fast, robust connectivity— workflow in healthcare, life sciences, senior living, and beyond. The expertise we have developed in these areas makes us an invaluable strategic partner. We provide a comprehensive experience including consultation by subject matter experts, professional design and implementation, and world class service and support for everything we install.

Putting Clients First at Salient Networks

We are first and foremost a technology company. We got our start working in voice technology, and as communication technology has advanced, we have adapted. While we continue to stay on the cutting edge of IT solutions, the important benefit to note about working with Salient Networks is that we are not a product-first company. We are people first. We conduct extensive site surveys and client consultations to understand each client’s business objectives and to recommend products and strategies tailored to meet those needs.

Although there are plenty of companies that can resell top-of-the-line equipment, Salient Networks is in the business of full, integrative solutions. We want to understand both your core business competencies and your areas of weakness; to work with your business in a consultative role and to recommend seamless solutions that make a real-world impact, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Salient Networks Emphasizes Client Satisfaction

In everything we do, we make client satisfaction a priority. That is why we align ourselves with only the top technology manufacturers. It is why we hold ourselves accountable with rigorous reporting requirements. It is why we continually develop our team of service-oriented experts and engineers.

Ultimately, Salient Networks understands the importance of communication technology. We know that it is vital for your business to function. For many of our clients, it literally saves lives. As such, we strive to deliver IT solutions that work, underscoring all of your business objectives and helping you provide better lives for your own customers. Learn more about the Salient Networks advantage by contacting us today.