Cloud-based and On Premise Solutions for Your Business or Organization

For most of our service offerings Salient Networks is a leading provider of integrative IT solutions, all aimed at augmenting your company’s key functionalities while enabling further teamwork, development and growth.

We offer a range of technologies and system integration services that include full network architecture and upkeep; in building robust network solutions, we are proud to provide both cloud-based and on premise solutions, as well as hybrids of the two.

Comprehensive, Turn-Key Solutions for Single and Multi-Location Organizations Available

What sets us apart is our emphasis on holistic solutions. We do not wish to simply resell or repackage existing technologies, though we are honored to partner with some of the best solution providers in the IT business. What we do is ultimately more comprehensive and consultative; we provide interconnected solutions that streamline your communication between different departments or locations.

Hosted / On Premise Phone Services

Salient Networks integrates real-time and non-real-time solutions via our Hosted / On Premise Phone Services—which can encompass technologies as varied as instant messaging/ chat, voice/ IP telephony, video conferencing, data sharing, voicemail, text, e-mail, fax, and beyond. We also offer a broader package, called Unified Collaboration, which leverages these tools and more to connect all of your organization’s most valued people and resources. The aim of all of this: To allow your team to work more efficiently and effectively.

Emergency Call and Wander Management

Because we work with many clients in senior living, as well as more general healthcare facilities, we are uniquely positioned to deliver robust systems that promote life safety and security, environmental awareness, and mass communication for both emergency and non-emergency purposes. Emergency call and wander management systems are invaluable for promoting facility-wide safety and security, and we are proud to tailor our technology to meet your organization’s needs while providing a better life for your clients.

Network Infrastructure and Support

Your network—whether cloud-based or on premise—is the platform that enables everything else you do. As such, it is imperative to have a network that is not only fast, but reliable—and one that allows for the seamless connectivity of all your people and resources. We are proud to provide full network infrastructure services that help you implement and manage all LAN/WAN and wireless Internet connections.

Managed Care IT Monitoring & Maintenance

In fact, our networking experts are happy to take over the full management of your network or phone system, or else to simply augment your current help desk or IT. We provide fast responses, exemplary service, and robust monthly reporting.

Why Trust Salient Networks?

We have been in the communications business since 1987; technology has evolved considerably since then, and so have we. Today, we stand as a leader in network consultation. Our interest is not merely in selling top-of-the-line products, but in working with your company to develop real solutions to your networking and communication needs.

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