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Commercial and Workplace Environments

Communication is at the heart of any successful, productive business. Streamlined communication among employees—and between employees and clients—is necessary to facilitate collaboration and the expedient delivery of services. The nature of professional communication has changed dramatically over the last three decades, though. Today the technological tools available to companies and professional workplaces are almost too numerous to count. Salient Networks continuously monitors and adapts, and stands ready to deliver the customized communication solutions that companies need to thrive.

Salient Networks has a close connection to the workflow of healthcare, life science, senior living and utility sectors—but on top of that, we provide a rich array of networking and IT solutions for companies of all kinds, and are eager to learn about your business and formulate a plan for implementing robust communications solutions.

Hosted / On-Premise Phone Services for Commercial and Office Workplace Environments

Salient Networks is a full-service IT solutions company. While there are many companies that sell networking and communication products, our aim is to develop a plan for strategic implementation, ultimately underscoring your business’ objectives and core competencies. We endeavor to be a single-source solution for all your networking and IT needs.
We are proud to deliver both cloud-based and on-premises IT solutions. We can even engineer hybrids between the two. Our experience in both cloud-based and on-site technology makes us an invaluable partner for companies that span multiple buildings, campuses, or locations, including companies with nationwide reach.

Network Implementation and Maintenance

Our team of seasoned IT professionals can implement a robust and reliable network that provides a firm foundation for technological build-outs. From there, we can augment the network with whatever Hosted / On premise Phone Services and Collaboration technologies are needed to reach key business goals. Our team also provides ongoing network maintenance and administration.

Hosted / On-Premise Phone Services and Collaboration

We provide our solutions to a range of businesses, including law offices, accounting firms, and other professional workplaces. While we tailor our solutions to meet each client’s precise needs, one of the main reasons people contact Salient Networks is to implement Hosted / On-Premise Phone Services and Collaboration Systems.

Hosted / On-Premise Phone Services refers to the integration of both real-time and non-real-time tools to provide seamless, efficient unified communications solutions within a company. Some examples of integrated technologies include:


Collaboration, meanwhile, refers to an even broader range of communication solutions, leveraging Hosted / On premise Phone Services to connect the organization’s most valued resources, information, and people in a network of expedient partnership, data-sharing and teamwork.

Experienced and Solutions-Driven

Salient Networks has been providing IT solutions to corporate clients for decades. We provide solutions from some of the most advanced manufacturers in the world, but we implement them in accordance with our own team’s strategy and expertise. We wish only to recommend IT solutions that add value to our customers’ businesses, and help them address their ongoing business needs and goals. We evaluate each client’s IT needs before doing anything else, and seek to offer solutions that will provide actionable and measurable results.

We would love to speak with you further about Hosted / On premise Phone Services and Collaboration solutions for your business or professional workplace. To begin the evaluation process, we invite you to contact the Salient Networks team at your next convenience.


Assisted & Senior Living

At Salient Networks, we take pride in being a single-source provider for senior living communities and elder care facilities—providing a truly expansive, comprehensive technology plan with long-term implications. We begin by building a proper network foundation, and from there can build out to a wide variety of additional applications as needed—from wander management to emergency alert systems and from IP phone systems to resident check-ins.


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Today’s life science organizations are doing more than ever to directly serve patients and clinicians with advanced healthcare technologies and solutions. Healthcare companies, meanwhile, are continually advancing their patient delivery systems, providing more advanced and attentive care all the time. Salient Networks is happy to provide the technological foundations for these worthy enterprises.


Commercial and Workplace Environments

In addition, Salient Networks is pleased to build and maintain robust networks on behalf of our clients across a variety of commercial and professional applications, and to provide specific technology and communication solutions as needed.

We do what’s right for our clients, seeing every project through to success.

"Just wanted to say that the SARA install team did a tremendous job. Their efforts helped us to pass our DSS licensing inspections yesterday. They rock!"
Maleakhi Adi
Director of I.T