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Healthcare and Life Sciences

The line between life science and healthcare provider is blurred as researchers and clinicians alike strive together to provide robust care to patients in need. Life science companies continue to develop advanced technologies and medications that empower caregivers while ultimately aiding patients. Healthcare providers, meanwhile, are ever increasing their own efficiency and effectiveness, deploying seamless solutions directly at the point of care.

All of these efforts are undergirded by robust networking and communication abilities. That is where Salient Networks comes in. We are thrilled to work with clients in these sectors, and have done so for decades now. We have developed unparalleled experience in helping life science and healthcare companies develop the streamlined and effective technologies they need in order to optimize workflow and prioritize patient care. To learn more about what Salient Networks offers to healthcare organizations, we invite you to contact us today.

Situational Awareness, Communication and Workflow Management for Hospitals, Clinics and Life Science Organizations

At Salient Networks, we understand that your organization depends on technology to facilitate better employee performance and patient care. We specialize in studying work flow, evaluating organizational needs, and ultimately providing solutions through the implementation of strong, effective networks.

Salient Networks provides hospitals with best-in-class situational awareness technology, expediting productivity while also providing higher standards of safety and ease for patients. Some examples of how situational awareness technology works in an acute care setting include:

Solutions in a Remote Care Environment

Salient Networks also provides technology to promote care from a distance, enabling your business to:

Solutions for Clinical Work Flow

Salient Networks technology can streamline clinical work flow, as well. Some advantages:

Solutions for Compliance and Medical Device Management

Finally, we provide solutions for maintaining full compliance and proper medical device management, which:


Assisted & Senior Living

At Salient Networks, we take pride in being a single-source provider for senior living communities and elder care facilities—providing a truly expansive, comprehensive technology plan with long-term implications. We begin by building a proper network foundation, and from there can build out to a wide variety of additional applications as needed—from wander management to emergency alert systems and from IP phone systems to resident check-ins.


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Today’s life science organizations are doing more than ever to directly serve patients and clinicians with advanced healthcare technologies and solutions. Healthcare companies, meanwhile, are continually advancing their patient delivery systems, providing more advanced and attentive care all the time. Salient Networks is happy to provide the technological foundations for these worthy enterprises.


Commercial and Workplace Environments

In addition, Salient Networks is pleased to build and maintain robust networks on behalf of our clients across a variety of commercial and professional applications, and to provide specific technology and communication solutions as needed.

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"Just wanted to say that the SARA install team did a tremendous job. Their efforts helped us to pass our DSS licensing inspections yesterday. They rock!"
Maleakhi Adi
Director of I.T